Tom DeKorne

Artist Representative

I graduated from the Music Industry Management program at Ferris State University and knew I had to move to Nashville to get my career started. Without knowing anyone and having enough to live on for a month, I began work at JRA as an intern with the determination to make myself so valuable that they couldn’t afford to let me go. It must have worked - Jeff eventually started paying me and as time went on I was able to advance to a senior agent, handling the entire roster for my current territory. I’m excited every day for the stories that come from people touched by our artists’ ministries. It energizes me to hear how the fans, artists and promoters have each seen the hand of God working in their lives and continue to show evidence that He is living and active in this world, caring about the smallest details.

I’m known for...

Being the JRA “grill master” when artists stop by the office for lunch. Hospitality is important for us here at JRA, so grilling up a great meal is an excellent way to make our guests feel welcome. Just don’t ask for my recipes...

Outside the Office

I’m passionate about the church, serving at my local body and seeking Christ (John 6:68 I don’t follow perfectly for sure, but since he is the one with the Words of Life I will always keep coming back). I also enjoy theology, hanging with my wife, woodworking and movies.


Tom grew up in Kalkaska, MI and has a Bachelor of Music Industry Management from Ferris State University (Big Rapids, MI) where he promoted numerous secular concerts, big & small.