Matt Roberts

Artist Representative

Given this is the family business, it really wasn’t optional to not be involved in the day-to-day operation, especially in the early years. I officially began working at JRA as a high school student (meaning I was actually being paid) while pursuing a career in professional motorsports. I picked up odd jobs around the office, from cleaning bathrooms to filing papers or whatever needed to be done. I eventually saw God close the door on my pursuit of racing and open a door to be involved in what we do here at JRA, helping music ministries reach people and impact our culture. That calling led initially to a beginning agent role in our “rock department” in the early 2000’s, to now overseeing all International events for JRA as well as portions of the US.

It is truly a blessing for me to be a part of what this team accomplishes each day and to work alongside so many servant-minded, driven and Christ-centered people. I truly enjoy what I do and love being apart of what I’ve watched evolve over 32 years into the great organization JRA is today.

I’m Known for... 
I tend to look for humor in all situations and I like to keep things upbeat. I think there could be a book of all the funny stories from the road that I’ve accumulated over the years!

Outside the Office
Anything motorsports related, home improvement projects that are easy (do these exist?), gardening, any movie Christopher Nolan directs, traveling and spending time with my wife Heather. No kids in our picture yet, instead we have two overweight pet bunnies and two mischievous cats.

Matt was born in Lansing, MI but was transplanted to Nashville, TN at the age of 2 and has lived here ever since. He has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Western Kentucky University.