Keri Turner

Marketing Director and Brand Manager

Years in the industry: 10

Hometown: Boone, IA

What brought you to JRA: In one word…God. I worked for Brentwood/Provident Music for nearly 10 years before I left the industry to raise my two girls. JRA booked several of the artists that were on the label I worked for during that time. Fast forward 14 years and I wind up in a Sunday School class with Randy Humphries. After a long talk at a class event we put the pieces together that we used to work together. JRA happened to have an opening and the rest is recent history.

Favorite leisure activity: Hanging out with my husband and two girls – watching them play sports, playing games, watching movies

Best concert you’ve ever attended: Sting, U2 – The Joshua Tree

Something about you that would surprise people: I can throw a softball harder than my husband!