Jeff Roberts


In February 1964 as a young kid, like many others, I watched John, Paul, George and Ringo on The Ed Sullivan Show and my life was forever changed. Being raised in a musical family of eight kids in Michigan, playing and loving music was what we did (in the absence of cable television, Xbox and DVDs). My dad, Kenny Roberts, had been a professional recording artist since he was 16 years old and because of him we naturally gravitated to music. As a teenager, I learned to play ukulele, guitar and piano.

When I graduated from high school, I couldn’t be bothered to go to the commencement exercises because I was too anxious to join my brothers who had a band called “The Roberts Brothers”. We played for a few years around the midwest and it was a wonderful time of music and fun. In the mid-70s I left the band and started attending church where I met some great people of faith - it was then that I decided to go to a seminary and study theology. I graduated with a theology degree but music was still my deeply-held passion.

I went back to Michigan and reunited with my brothers who had since quit playing and had started a booking agency, booking bands throughout the midwest and Florida. As years passed, I kept hearing about this new genre of music - contemporary Christian music - so I visited Nashville a few times and even went to the Dove Awards. In 1983, an opportunity arose to move to Nashville to work in the mainstream music business, so I packed up my wife and two kids and went to work for an artist by the name of Leon Russell.

After a couple of years in Nashville, I started Jeff Roberts & Associates because I believed I could make a difference and a contribution to the burgeoning field of contemporary Christian music. Throughout the years I have been blessed to work with many great artists too numerous to mention and a staff that has co-labored with me for over 28 years. We're a family united in the same cause of sharing Christ through the great contemporary Christian music artists we have the privilege to represent.

I've been married for 36 years to my wife, Linda (we met playing in a band), and together we have raised four wonderful children: Jeff, Matthew, Jonathon and Sarah. My vision for JRA remains the same today as when we first started: to make a difference within CCM and to help put artists in front of people to share their message of faith and hope.