FLAME is a Grammy® nominated hip-hop artist who was born and raised in the inner city of St. Louis, MO. He is a well-versed leader in the Christian hip-hop scene with a growing list of accolades, including a Grammy® nomination, several Dove and Stellar Award nominations, and multiple Billboard chart toppers. He has released 8 albums to date including Captured (2010), The 6th (2012), Royal Flush (2013), and Forward (2015) under his own imprint.

For over a decade, FLAME has been dedicated to spreading the gospel around the world through music. He has traveled throughout North America & the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, and Asia performing Christ-centered music that has impacted the masses.

In addition to touring, writing, recording and co-producing his own projects, FLAME founded and helms Clear Sight Music, a burgeoning record label raising the bar in Christian hip-hop and beyond. He also has a B.A. in biblical counseling and is currently finishing his Master’s degree. “I love the Bible. I love theology. I love Jesus and that light bulb moment when people get excited about Him. I love taking the knowledge from the Bible and connecting the dots with how these things apply to our everyday lives and our deep-seated personal issues.”

In all his efforts, whether onstage, in school or operating a record label, FLAME is bridging the gap between the sacred and the secular. While his music is unashamedly Christian, he hopes it might also affect seekers as well. “I just want to encourage the Christian and the non-Christian who may be interested in peeking over the fence of Christianity that in this faith—in this worldview—you can have true freedom.”